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Charles Thompson


Founder, Charles Thompson (AAS certified), developed the principles that form the foundation for Executive Athlete Training (EAT) because of two roles he has enjoyed throughout his life: Athlete and Executive First, as a former NCAA Division 1 football athlete, Charles understands the importance and the effort required to play sports at an elite level. Second, prior to working full-time in the fitness industry, Charles spent many years working as an executive, where the need to develop a healthy and balanced lifestyle became apparent in order for Charles to continue to pursue his active and often competitive athletic lifestyle.

As a results-driven individual, Charles brings a no-nonsense approach to training. His many years of experiences in multiple sports has harnessed his keen eye, allowing him to analyze, understand movement, correct technique and overcome hindrances. He believes no two clients are alike and carefully considers many variables, including their sport, current health state, diet, lifestyle and physical imbalances before designing a personalized plan. As a result, clients reach goals faster, safer and consistently exceed expectations.

Charles is well versed in all aspects of health, fitness, and performance and is continually learning to expand his knowledge base. He knows there are no shortcuts and has created a culture within the walls of EAT which embodies hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The intent is for clients to adopt this philosophy, allowing them to flourish and to maintain lasting results, from the inside out.

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